HR & Compliance



Following 100% Govt. labor law and worker payment procedure

Open Door Communication among workers and Top management

Salary payment within 7th working day of Each month

Equal Opportunity for Both male & Female

No Child Labor

Safe and ergonomic work environment

Cultural program for employees during working days

HR & Compliance

Environment, Health & Safety

Environment, Health & Safety

Clean, safe and ergonomic working environment

Safe drinking water facilities for workers

Protective gloves and masks are given to workers who are at a risk of chemical hazards

Fire evacuation plans and regular fire drills

Required numbers of fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and fire alarm bells

Open fire exits when employees are inside


SMETA Certified (Integrated Audit), audited by ITS

M&S approved production site (previous)

Wal-Mart/George “Yellow” Certified (previous)

Green by Next (UK) (Previous)

Arcadia Group (UK) Certified

Member of SEDEX (REF# zc1005120 )

BSCI Certified

Accord Status: Overall 67% (All remaining open issues to be closed by end November 2018)

HR & Compliance


# KPI Value
1 Direct Strength of Production staff 1600
2 Strength of Office staff 80
3 Maximum working hours including OT 60 hours per week
4 Absenteeism 5%
5 Labor Turnover 6%